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Who are we?


Marketing Doctors is a results driven digital marketing agency.

Obviously, we want your business, but we do not take on everyone that comes to us.  If you are not currently making money, then you cannot currently pay for our services. 
We believe in win-win scenarios and want to be your long-term digital advertising agency. 
Clearly defined goals and driving results keeps us both happy.

Goal Driven

We provide you with the results you need for a successful online campaign.  We work closely with you and your teams to fully understand your goals so that we are able to deliver positive results on time and under budget so that we can repeat the process again and again.
With our combination of skills and experience will bring your company the success you are looking for.
Are you ready to succeed?  Contact us now.

Global Team

You want to talk about diversity?
Although we are an American company, we have offices in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A., Panama City, Panama, and in Bogota, Colombia.  Our team consists of many different nationalities and several different languages.  We can meet your goals in Spanish and/or English.  


Well Educated and Experienced

One of our Co-founders, Eric Clark, became a fanatic of the Internet back in 1994 when the Mosaic browser first came out and everything was based on text and .gif files.  After earning his MBA, Eric was the first employee for in 1999.  With almost 20 years experience working professionally online, Eric personally invests time to teaching everyone the tricks of the trade that can't be found online.
All our employees have at least their Bachelor's degree, usually in Communications and/or Advertising.  As a goal oriented company, the founders believed it was important that anyone working at Marketing Doctors could set goals, then achieve them. 
Are you ready to tell us your goals?  Contact us now.