What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click is just as it sounds.
Advertisers pay for each click their advertisement receives online.

Before “Google” became a verb, it was a humble search engine, vying for relevance against competitors such as Ask Jeeves and AltaVista.  What rocketed Google to the front of the search engine pack was the developer’s ability to measure the relevance of links.  If a website heavily mentions farming, it is likely there will be other links within that site about farming, leading to a statistical likelihood that the words within the link itself, or page, would be useful to a user who searched for the same terms, and therefore the link will rank higher within the given search results.

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Statistic: Worldwide desktop market share of leading search engines from January 2010 to April 2020 | Statista
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By February of 2002, Google Adwords (now Google Ads) set in place the cost-per-click model that is still in operation today, although much more complex.  This bidding model allows advertisers to place bids for the ability to rank the highest within search results. At Marketing Doctors, we are also capable of launching and maintaining campaigns on other search platforms such as Bing and Yahoo, but Google is, by far,  the most popular and the highest in user volume. 

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s own advertising platform where businesses and individuals bid to have advertisements displayed to matching keywords entered by online users. Businesses bid against one another, vying for the top spots on search results pages. By strategically bidding on keywords, and formulating relevant advertisements, a business has the potential to increase traffic at a place of business, website, or even redirect customers to call for additional information.  We are also capable of launching and maintaining campaigns on other search platforms as well such as Bing and Yahoo, but Google is, by far,  the most popular and the highest in user volume. 

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Why Does an "Expert" Matter?

Google has revamped and renamed its advertising platform.  One of the changes made is a “simplified” quick-start guide for new ads users.  The simplified version is aimed at helping less experienced advertisers create the make live their first ads to the general public.  The problem is that Google Ads is a very complicated system with many variables that impact one another, despite the new guidance and simplifications.  If a campaign is not set up correctly, it could be a very costly learning opportunity.

Google Ads Certification

Any agency or freelancer can claim to be Google Certified, but Google holds the keys to the kingdom. 

Official Google Certification requires a certain level of media spend, time spent actively working on campaigns, and many exams.

Always be sure to verify an agency’s certification on Google’s website.





What is the cost?

Google Ads is where Google makes about 70% of their revenue, so it is very much a pay to play system.  Based on the keywords selected, an advertiser places bids on the keyword terms.  No one pays until a user clicks on an ad within the search results, and an advertiser recoups those spent ad dollars when the online user buys the product or service being advertised. 

Due to the variability of these systems, there is no set price per advertisement.  There are a number of factors that impact the keyword bid price including but not limited to, industry, location, product, and current competition.  We recommend advertisers have an established budget based on how much one is willing to invest in the business to further its success.  For similar reasons, the cost of each campaign Marketing Doctors manages is based on several factors.  Please call or submit contact info for further information.

Why Marketing Drs?

Just because an agency is new does not mean they are the best.  A common phrase around our agency is, “Education is the key, to take you where you want to be”.  Continuous education is absolutely necessary to stay on top of the constantly changing developments in our highly technological world.  Every opportunity to learn gives our company, and you by default,  the greatest opportunity at optimal success.  Our agency has a long-established record of successful campaigns.  Add your business name to our list!

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The Process

This is a general meeting to understand each individual business and what each is hoping to accomplish through digital marketing.
Within Paid Search, research on the current market, trends, terms, and competition is imperative for a foundational understanding of how best to move forward efficiently and effectively.
A proposal is submitted detailing the specific plan of action to be undertaken for each individual campaign.
Once the proposal has been approved, we get to work! As the campaigns are built, there will be updates provided as to the progress.
Once the campaign has been finalized, we go live and watch your business grow!
Changes and alterations can always be made to ensure the campaign is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.
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