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Verify our Google Ads Certification

Plenty of agencies and freelancers can claim to be Google Certified, but Google holds the keys to the kingdom.

Official Google Certification requires a certain level of media spend, time, and many exams.

Always be sure to verify any agency’s certification on Google’s website.


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Media spend in 2018 vs 2017
in thousands

Percentage of Client Distribution

  • Corporate
  • Startup
  • Agency
  • Business
  • Medical

Wide range of clients

We have had an eclectic mix of clients to include:
Cole Haan
Urologos Panama
Fort Worth Bariatric Services

All services can be targeted to English and Spanish speaking clients.

Why choose us?

We have experience! 

Just because an agency is new does not mean they are the best.  A common phrase around our agency is, “Education is the key, to take you where you want to be.”  Continuous education is absolutely necessary to stay on top of the constantly changing developments in our highly technological world.  Every opportunity to learn gives our company, and you by default,  the greatest opportunity at optimal success.

We are experts in

Digital Marketing 99%
Google AdWords 99%
SEO 97%
Social Media Marketing 81%
Mobile Marketing 95%
Google Analytics 98%