Unity License Agreement

1) Think about the assets that are made by the unit, such as standard assets, textmeshpro.if do not use them freely for commercial (at least standard asset character controllers), how dare you say it is free if people cannot use them commercially? 2.3.2 The end user receives an individual license to install and use assets that are classified in the Asset Store as “Extension Publisher” “Scripting” or “Services” (together “Extension Asset”) on a maximum of 2 computers. To avoid doubts, asset extensions per seat are granted and cannot be shared or used simultaneously on more than 2 different computers. Exceptionally, construction farm servers and virtual machine instances that are only used to run, test or create projects with extension resources do not require separate seat licenses or are used on more than 2 different computers. Is it legal to use assets outside the game? Can I use the assets of the Unity Asset Store that are free outside the game? Can I use Unity Asset Store assets that are not free outside the game? Not for sale, just to display the Achivements icon on the Steam platform. Is it authorized by Unity eULA? And if I want to use assets purchased from Unity Asset Store in another game engine, for example UE4. Is that legal? PS: The symbols I would like to use to show the steam effects are here:assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/gui/icons/rpg-icons-89109 Sale, license, distribution, transfer, modification, customization, translation, preparation of derivative works, decompilation, retro-engineering, disassembly or other attempt to deduct the source code from the Unity Asset Store or assets, unless otherwise authorized, 2.2.1 Unrestricted assets. The following relate only to assets that are not limited assets: the licensee grants the end user a non-exclusive, global and permanent licence for the asset, in order to integrate it only as integrated and integrated components of electronic applications and digital media and to distribute these electronic applications and digital media; Reproduction and display in distributed physical advertising media are permitted exclusively for marketing purposes for such electronic applications or digital media. With the exception of Services Software Development Kits (“SDK Services”), end-users can change assets. End-users cannot reproduce assets, publicly display them, publish them, transfer them, distribute them, sublicensings, rent them, rent them or lend them.

It is emphasized that end-users are not allowed to broadcast or transfer assets in any way (including, without sublicensing limitations) other than integrated components of electronic applications and digital media or support for physical marketing materials. Without limitation of the above, it is pointed out that end-users are not allowed to share the costs of purchasing an asset and then have that asset used by third parties who have contributed to that purchase (Forum Pooling). This final user license agreement from Unity Store (“EULA”) is not exclusive, legally binding end-user licensing agreement between an individual or single entity (“END-USER”) that acquires a license for an Asset Store asset and (a) Unity Technologies ApS (No. 30 71 99 13), Niels Hemmingsens Gade 24, DK-1153 Copenhagen K, Denmark (“licensed” or “entity”); or, if so, a third party (“supplier”) that offers and distributes its assets through the unity asset store.

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