What are analytics?

Analytics are the collection and organization of mass amounts of data which is then turned into informational gold! This data is typically historical and is taken from various systems. Analytics uses available data and mathematical equations and algorithms to provide statistics and correlational relationships that aid in the decision-making process. Due to ever-advancing technology, analytics are becoming more and more specific, making them a treasured asset to any business looking to stay up to date and relevant in the continually changing online space.

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analytics dashboard

How can analytics help my business?

If you were asked, would you be able to put it a fairly accurate percentage as to where your existing customers first learned about your business? Are they originally led from Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, or just happenstance? Information is POWER! You are doing your business a disservice if you are not getting the most accurate and specific details about your current customers.

If you don’t immediately have an answer to the previous question, your business may benefit from adding analytics to your organization’s toolbox.

How do your customers find you?

A user types your business web address directly into the URL bar.
Paid Search
A user selects a link with the word "ad" before your listing, typically at the top of a browser search results.
Organic Search
Your website link is listed below the paid advertisements, based on how well your website answers the query the user entered into the search bar.
Your website is listed within another webpage, or social network, and presented to their users.
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analytics by Marketing Doctors

Why are analytics important?

While many tout the importance of analytics, most are forgetful that not everyone knows what it is. For those not in the “know” analytics are a collection of data which is turned into useable information or statistics. Depending on the various parameters around the information-gathering systems, this data can be used to recognize, understand, and convey meaningful patterns within a data set.

This valuable information allows businesses to make data-driven decisions based on:

  • Conversion Tracking – the rate of how many people who contact your business or buy versus the number of people who have seen your site overall
  • Bounce Rate – The percentage of visitors who visit your page, but leave before interacting with your businesses’ page
  • Average Session Duration – The average amount of time a user spends viewing your businesses’ page
  • Referral Pages – The number of your businesses’ pages a visitor viewed
  • Pages per Session – The website or link that sent a new visitor to your business page

Why Marketing Doctors?

Trusting another business with your company is difficult, but we make it easy with a verified and fully open process.  Our experts will walk you through all you need to know to understand the data being processed within your analytics dashboard.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to understand valuable insights into your own customer’s habits while they visit your web page.

What industries does Marketing Doctors serve?

One aspect that makes us different from the “other guys” is our diverse knowledge base and proven ability to work within varying industries.

 While there are other analytics platforms available, Google Analytics is the most widely used.  It integrates with Google Ads, should that be something your business needs as well, to determine the number of online users who have seen your advertisements, versus how many interact with your ads, and convert into a customer.

The Process


Our team has a general meeting with your team to discuss vulnerabilities, areas of growth, and recommendations. Each client has specific needs and goals, therefore, we do not have a “one size fits all” approach, but a truly individualized campaign.


We believe that every campaign is only as effective as the research that drives it.  Fully understanding current markets, trends, terms, and the competition is imperative for a foundational understanding of how best to move forward efficiently and effectively.


Our firm will submit a proposal detailing our specific plan of action to undertake on your business’ individual campaign.


Our firm will submit a proposal detailing our specific plan of action to undertake on your business’ individual campaign. 


Our firm will submit a proposal detailing our specific plan of action to undertake on your business’ individual campaign. 


Changes and alterations for your campaigns can always be made to ensure your campaign is running as efficiently and effectively as it possibly can.

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